Visual disturbances

Flashing flies before the eyes

Flickering flies before the eyes is a symptom that occurs when floating vitreal opacities appear. The main reasons: destruction of the vitreous body, detachment of the posterior hyaloid membrane (PHM), hemophthalmia, myopia, changes in blood pressure, anemia, hypovitaminosis. For diagnostics, visiometry, biomicroscopy, ultrasound of the eye, OCT, laser ophthalmoscopy, determination of dynamic light scattering and contrast sensitivity are performed. Surgical treatment is reduced to vitrectomy and YAG-laser vitreolysis.

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Double vision

Double vision (diplopia) is the simultaneous visualization of two images of the same object. Double vision occurs with violations of refraction, accommodation and convergence, neurological diseases, intoxication and injuries. Methods for diagnosing diplopia include visometry, computerized autorefractometry, biomicroscopy, ophthalmoscopy, MRI, radiography, laboratory tests, and pharmacological tests. For immediate elimination of a diplopia occlusion of one eye is shown. Etiotropic treatment is determined by the underlying disease.

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